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Efficient Content Management Systems

Web content management is a unique process for every individual organization or company. Why?

  1. The update process (content type, amount of information, approval levels and need for update-speed) for web content is different in every organization.
  2. Graphical skills levels and available time of employees responsible for web communication differ between organizations and within organizations over time.

These aspects make the implementation of generic CMS platforms very inefficient and finally cost-ineffective.
A flexible straight forward tailor made working space for content management maximizes the experience of a lean and mean organization.


  • Web server platform independent CMS, accessible with mobile devices
  • Collaborative working space, with individual user dashboards, with security policy and approval level capabilities
  • Integrated multilanguage capabilities
  • Mobile web content management capabilities
  • Centralized managed media (image, sound, animation, video) with rich auto-formatting capabilities
  • Campaign page status scheduling (automated start/end and replace)
  • Page history manager (recall of any previous version of a page)
  • Search engine optimizer
Lots of add-ons: forms, questionnaires, polls, blogs, statistics, webshop, contests, user-forum, news feed, twitter and facebook integration…

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Automated Event Management Systems

Every event is a unique process of communication, interaction and administration. Today organizers of trade fairs, concerts, shows, conferences, colloquia and seminars can benefit from a custom designed EMS platform to handle online all exchange of information, subscriptions, orderings, catering, attendance, documents, etc during the pre-event, on-event and post-event cycle  Crucial tool in the platform is the (potential) visitor’s knowledge base. The event organizer can include any type of profiles like exhibitors, facilitators, suppliers, press, speakers, artists, visitors, etc.


  • Content management system with integrated multilanguage capabilities
  • Collaborative working space, with individual user dashboards, with security policy and approval level capabilities
  • Add-ons: e-invoicing, online payment, selective mailings, virtual interactive event floor map, planning tool
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Smart Learning Management Systems

E-learning and online training opens new perspectives for education, organizations and companies to empower their students and employees. Each organization emphasizes on a specific set of functionalities to address their LMS needs.


  • Flexible and user friendly e-learning content creation and management tools
  • Rich assessment and reporting tools
  • Certification and incentive tools
  • Student/coach/teacher/trainee support, follow-up and interaction tools
  • Agenda, planning, calendar, forum, polls, presence, etc
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Creative mobile web-apps

The use of mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets, is rapidly becoming mainstream in educational and professional online interaction. Smart web apps that interact with the organizations web server, combined with multimedia and edu-gaming features, will increase accessibility and manageability of any of your operational management applications

  • Mobile friendly web-interfaces to your ERP, CRM, CMS, LMS, EMS and other business applications
  • Auto formatting of media content (images, video, sound) to available bandwidth
  • Smart recognition of your products for higher consumer information experience
  • Pre-event and on-event organizers, exhibitors and visitors interaction tools
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